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Best El Camino Stamps

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The best Port and most intricate Stamps on the trails of the Santiago del Compostela El Camino.

There was this Portuguese man who owned a hostel. He also ran a business so during the day he was gone and his sons and wife managed the place. Every night though, he would come and meet all his new guest who were traveling on the El Camino and he would stamp each and everyone's book three times. One with an intricate silver sticker, another with a badge of the hostel and a third with melted wax with the symbol of the town. He said people may not remember his hostel but they will know I have the best stamps in all of Portugal!

He later cheered each person with a shot of Portugal port, making conversation with everyone who was staying the night. He took pride in his work, in his mundane hostel. Yet it seemed to be one of the favorite hostels of many travelers.

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