Code of

A code of ethics is important to have in any community. A code of ethics establishes the values the community should have, actions that should and should not be practiced. This explains an understanding so everyone throughout the community can relate to each other and create a strong connection.  


Genuine: (adj). Really being what it is said to be; actually coming from the alleged source or origin; real, true, not counterfeit or artificial. Sincere and frank; honest and forthright.

  • Be Genuine

    • Apply the definition of genuine to travel. Be truthful, honest and go to the source of the culture of a place. Place the Walking Sticker at a true "off the beaten path" place.

    • Be sincere but forthright about claiming the place as "off the beaten path."  

  • Live in the Moment

    • Enjoy the present moment without worrying about how many likes you will get on a social media post. If possible try not to post.

    • Not posting creates great, original, genuine story telling when returning home to family and friends.  ​

  • Respect the Cultures.

    • The memories are yours, the people and places are not. 

    • Do not place a Walking Sticker somewhere if the placement would not be cultural acceptable. This could include:

      • Religious buildings and/or sights.​

      • Private property.

      • If you are hesitant to place a sticker somewhere don't place it there. 


The Walking Stickers are made of wood, meaning they are biodegradable. This insures the safety to the environment and the items that people may place the sticker on.