My name is Sara Schaefer and I love to travel, hike, and find new places to explore. I've always wanted to see the big sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. I realized once I started traveling though, the memories I remember the best are the journey's where I go "off the beaten path." Such as a second hand book store, underground in a town called Sonora, California, 45 minutes outside Yosemite.  


Yes, the "Wonders of the World" places will always be extraordinary,  but a true genuine experience is being able to say you were the only one experiencing such a unique moment. That there wasn't a line of people behind you waiting to have the same experience you just did. 


This is why I created the Walking Stick. I want to encourage other travelers to travel to other places that may not be on their bucket list, and not to be afraid to leave  your comfort zone. To avoid saying, "I did this," but to experience what this world has to offer when not on constant watch by everyone else.